ECOCRITICISM 2018 - International Conference on Literature, Arts and Ecological Environment aims at providing an opportunity for the critical discussion and reassessment of scholarly and non-scholarly contributions on the relationship between cultural and artistic (literary, pictorial, cinematographic, etc.) manifestations and the development of environmental awareness produced around the last two decades.

Theoretically divergent views and different nationally-based and gender-based approaches (from the tale to the novel and the romance; from the poetry to the essay; from the children's literature to the juvenile literature) are welcomed.

The rich diversity of questions and issues that Ecocriticism addresses since its emergence in the 1990s are entirely rooted in a same premise Cheryll Glotfelty clearly expressed: “human culture is connected to the physical world, affecting it and affected by it”. At the same time, studies carried out by North-American scholars that inspired and continue to inspire new research all over the world share a motivation: the mindfulness that the human being has reached “the age of environmental limits, a time when the consequences of human action are damaging the planet`s basic life support systems”.

Based on philosophical theories and social movements devoted to the analysis of the interdependence between the human and the nonhuman, Ecocriticism have been unceasingly spreading within multiple fields of knowledge, evidence that it remains a progressive and fruitful epistemic paradigm.

If in its early period Ecocriticism was especially dedicated to the thinking and understanding of the environmental crises, today we believe that it will perhaps be more appropriate to speak of a sort of Ecocriticism 2.0 refocused on the question: in what ways are the more recent artistic expressions contributing to the renewal of Ecocriticism knowledge and wisdom?